Janice Wyndham-Quin was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. Wyndham-Quin moved to Ireland in 2017, where she lives in Connemara, Co Galway.

Wyndham-Quin studied BA Visual Arts at Unisa in South Africa. She completed her final exam while in Ireland. Wyndham-Quin was awarded her degree in May 2018. At her final practical exams Wyndham-Quin was awarded a Certificate of Excellance for three modules of the final fourth year exams. Her final fourth year exhibition at the Unisa Art Gallery in November 2016 was called Interconnected Interdependencies.

Wyndham-Quin has always been interested in and concerned for the environment, including all living beings, and their well being. This love for the earth and its beings is usually reflected in Wyndham-Quin’s visual arts.

In July 2019, Wyndham-Quin took part in a group exhibition, For Earth’s Sake that was organized by Young Friends of the Earth, at Inspire Galerie in Dublin.

Wyndham-Quin has been making ceramics for more than 20 years. Each ceramic piece is unique, and usually reflect the love of nature and/or boho chic. Most of the ceramics are handmade with porcelain and are handpainted and glazed. Wyndham-Quin works out of a small output studio in her home.